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5 Decades of Experience Means Your Getting The Best Training for a Fair Price

Joe McNamee, a full time real estate investor who has been for five decades founded Absolute Investment Training Company because he wanted to teach others to do exactly what he does. His programs are very unique compared to other programs out there because while teaching his students the entire process of real estate investing Joe significantly strengthens their knowledge by doing his live deals in front of their very eyes. He negotiates with his buyers & sellers live while students observe, when he doesn’t have a training event going on Joes real estate deals continue and each negotiation in his office is video recorded (with their written permission). His students can gain access to these recordings. This is why they refer to him as “America’s most credible real estate Guru!”

We offer a wide range of training for real estate investing from the very basics to just 1 part of the business like our Massive Buyer Generating System which teaches you how to get a ton of buyers on your list with techniques that barely cost you any money. We also have a Jump Start Your Business Online Course that covers everything from how to get buyers, sellers, and comes with Q&A’s where you can ask any questions you have to Joe. We also offer extremely advanced courses for people who want to be extremely successful in real estate like our Force Your Success program, that comes with mentoring, courses, and the best guarantee on the planet. Check out the Product Store for more information on each of these programs.

Also, make sure to take advantage of all the free training we offer here on this site as well as a free copy of Joe’s book “Timeless Real Estate Investing."

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